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Receiving entails that our warehouse team handles, unloads, and arranges your Amazon Shipment once it arrives at our warehouse. Also included in our pricing plans is an external inspection of the condition of your shipment along with a report detailing damages if any, size, weight and dimensions of your shipment.


If your shipment arrives in a full container it will be quoted by the size of the container and if your shipment arrives on FBA compliant pallets we will waiver the pallet fee for forwarding.


20 Foot Container: $300
40 Foot Container: $500
45 Foot Container: $575

Warehouse courier shipment transportation. Stack of cardboard boxes on pallet. Warehouse w


An external package inspection is included with our all pricing plans. However, sometimes products do not arrive as expected and a detailed product inspection is required. We can help ensure your products are up to spec by doing random inspections or full piece by piece inspections. A detailed inspection report is included which contains simple images and recommended allowance of defects as per industry standard.


Amazon has many rules and regulations regarding the condition of shipments and products that arrive at FBA. All units must have a “FNSKU” label and a “Made in” label. FNSKU Labels are required to be visual on every product that is intended to be sold on Amazon. Amazon uses the FNSKU Label to identify a specific unit of an ASIN. If more than one product is included under one FNSKU then it must have a “Do Not Separate’ label. Units that are lacking these labels could be discarded, sold as separate products or forced to be removed from Amazon FBA at your cost.

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Bundling / Knitting

The Bundling service entails that our warehouse team will assemble all the units that go into one bundle, couple them into a poly bag and repackage them. If needed, you can also add marketing inserts or instructions into the bundle. You are also able to provide your own packaging if you want the bundle to be in a specific package. Each Bundle will also need to be labeled.

Bundling fee: $0.50 per item
Oversized Bundling fee: $0.75 per item

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SMALL ITEM STORAGE: $0.60 a Cubic Foot Per Month


We offer all of our client’s free storage for 14 days from the day the Amazon Shipment arrives at our warehouse. Following the 14 days we offer the fixed rate for inventory that will be stored in our warehouse.

Storage rates at Amazon are skyrocketing! Store the majority of your Amazon FBA inventory with us, then ship into the Amazon warehouse as needed to replenish your inventory. And, our storage rates do not change in Q4 as Amazon's does. Our storage rates are the same for all 12 months of the year, and we do not charge extra for long term storage.

We do NOT need a lift gate for deliveries. If your shipment arrives in a full container it will be quoted by the size of the container and if your shipment arrives on FBA compliant pallets we will waive the pallet fee for forwarding.

Warehouse worker hand holding clipboard with load control the shipment  into a truck._edit


Amazon Forwarding entails shipping your Amazon Shipment from our warehouse in Delaware to Amazon FBA. We ship your inventory to Amazon by UPS or other Amazon-partnered carriers. Palletizing for LTL loads. Normally, shipments are processed and sent off to Amazon within 2 business days.


Less Than a Truckload, LTL Forwarding

If your Amazon Shipment arrives on Amazon Approved Pallets we will waive the $20 pallet fee. Less than a truckload, LTL forwarding entails that your shipment will be sent to Amazon FBA on a consolidated truck. This entails that your shipment needs to be palletized, shrink wrapped and labeled. This shipping method is usually the more affordable method if you have a larger shipment.


Small Parcel Delivery, SPD Forwarding

Small Parcel Delivery, SPD, entails shipping your Amazon Shipment through UPS or FEDEX. This method is generally faster but also more costly. We recommend using SPD forwarding if you have a small shipment containing a few cartons.

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