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Once you create an account with us we will provide you a unique shipping address identifier so that your items are easily identified upon arrival in our warehouse. 

Distribution Warehouse with High Shelves

Set up an API Connection with PSH 

In order for us to create shipments and print shipping labels on your behalf, we will need you connect your seller account with our third party softaware called " Prep Ship Hub" . This allows us to access your account so that we can print out your FNSKU labels, create listings, create shipping plan and print out your UPS / LTL labels in order to send your shipment into Amazon. This needs to be done only once.


Here are the instructions:


  1. Your account needs to be activated to gain access to Prep Ship Hub 

  2. Once you click the Register link in our website that link will take you to to complete the registration process.

  3. Once your account has been activated by our team, you will gain access to Prep Ship Hub inventory management portal. Please complete all other steps in order you upload the file for inbound.

We replenish and create listing through Prep Ship Hub " FBA FORCE" Module. You are not required to use any other 3rd party software. FBA FORCE will handle all your Replenish and Listing needs.

Wholesale Market Aisle

Steps After Account Activation

What Do I Need to Do After The Registration?


Here are the step by step procedures to be done after registration. 

  1. Enter Your Store Information

  2. Select Enrollment Plan

  3. Integrate Your Amazon Account With PSH through  "Authorize Now" 

  4. Once you have integrated your Amazon account, please sign out and then sign in to PSH and refresh the page.

  5. Add your payment method

  6. Check your shipping address

  7. Create Shipping Plan for the Products to Be Sent to the Warehouse.

If you need further assistance , Once you have log in Prep Ship Hub please click " HELP" down right corner of each page and looks for " Steps after the registration" for demonstrations and explanations of each steps how to be done. 

Warehouse Shelves from Above

Let us Know What is Coming

Please log in to our inventory management portal to fill the details for upcoming shipment to us. Then, All you need to do is ship your products to us with the address as follows:



250 Executive Drive

Suite # [ Your Account Number]

Newark, Delaware 19711

Once we receive your inventory we will be ready to pack & process your items.


We Will Do The Rest

Now we are ready to pack your items. Our team handles the FBA Shipment creation process on your behalf including printing FNSKU labels, uploading box content info, and arranging shipping (using Amazon partnered-carriers). If there are any issues, our team will reach out to you directly for guidance. Generally within 24 hours of delivery, your shipment will be completely processed and shipped off. You'll receive an email from us with the itemized invoice that details your processed items.

Image by Jacques Dillies
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