Additional Services

Marketing Inserts: $0.30

Palletizing: $20.00 / pallet

Bubble wrap is an additional $0.45 cents  per foot.

Special Custom Request: $40.00 / hour

FBM: $3 + Shipping Cost

Oversize packaging: + $.50 cents (A Unit exceeding any of these measurements is Oversize)

20 lb. or less

18" or less on its longest side (A)

14" or less on its median side (B)

8" or less on its shortest side (C

Outbound Shipping Boxes

Extra Small Box- $1.30

Small Box- $2.00

Medium Box-$2.50

Large Box- $3.00

Extra Large Box- $3.35

Bundle / Knitting

Bundling fee: $0.25 per item

Oversized Bundling fee: $0.50 per item

Disposal Fee:  $0.25 per unit/item.


Books: New Books or Used Text Book processing - $2.00 per unit to receive, inspect for damage, cleaning, label removing, re grading, FNSKU, shipping to FBA.


Shoes : $1.50 per pair

Includes Basic Pack/Prep/Ship, plus extra inspection for required shoes, minor marker and/or marking removal, tying laces on each shoe, making sure sizes match and minor cleaning of shoe bottoms. Also includes rubber banding or sealing shoe boxes with resealable tape or  poly bagging.



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