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Fulfilled Orders (FBM)


FBM $3.00 Per Item

Fixed Rate

FBM means Fulfilled by Merchant. With FBM, the seller lists the product on Amazon, ebay, Etsy or their own online store and handles storage and all aspects of order fulfillment. This works well unless you sell a lot of products.

The best solution for this is to start using a Fulfillment Center. You don’t have to rent a warehouse, hire employees, and you can have all these in the country where most of your business is coming from. This gives you more time to run your business and sell more products.

Most small to medium size businesses in the USA use some sort of fulfillment center because the costs justify the means. If we are holding your inventory, we can fulfill your orders for places like or Ebay. You send us the order and we’ll print the labels, box and ship to the customer. You will need to provide the shipping label. Please review also Storage Fees for your inventory with us.

Multi-Channel (FBM) Pick and Pack Fee: ​

  • Initial pick & pack fee – $3.00 per order

  • Additional units per order – $0.50 per unit

  • Product inserts, labels, tags, etc. – $0.20 each

  • Bubble wrap – $0.55 per square foot


All packing material and shipping boxes charges are extra.

  • Packing materials - 0.15 - $2.00 

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